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What is it?

This is a course packed full with tips and suggestions for Dungeon Masters/Game Masters

The course is a deep-dive into the realm of darkness and evil as we explore what makes a great villain for any roleplaying game. We will contrast those villains against some shining champions of good that the player characters can turn to in their most desperate hours.

Learn about villain (and paragon) traits, powers, voice acting patterns, behaviour, lairs and environments, background stories and much more.

What's included?

Lifetime access to the course & future updates, no recurring membership fee. Quick overview (see below for a detailed one):

 Evil. What are the components that make a villain evil? Will you go for death and destruction or intrigue and subtle manipulation?

► Villain traits. Pick from a large selection of traits that make your villains unique. Find the right flavour for your players.

Iconic villains. What can we learn from the most iconic villains in movies and fiction and how can we create our own?

Villains appropriate for Kids. How can you write bad guys that are suitable for children?

Paragons. Do you need a mighty hero to guide your player characters or to aid them in their quest? Or do you run an evil character group and need a worthy opponent?

The Gray Zone. Not everyone falls into one single category. Expand the boundaries for characters with ambiguous alignment and add interesting Anti-Heroes to your game.

What do you get out of it?

► Create villains that players will love to hate. Give your villains a history, values and motivation.

► Go beyond the “Evil Sorcerer in a Dungeon” trope and add one of 200 traits to your villain or paragon.

► Learn the 8 building blocks of evil - the stuff that makes a villain truly horrifying.

► The 4 types of minions and how to use them in the game.

► Villain speech patterns and looks.

► Learn the 8 types of villain lairs and create hundreds of lairs and strongholds with the included random generator engine.

► A set of 32 unique villains to use in your fantasy game (stats for 5th Edition included).

► Get to know the 7 types of NPC paragons that work well in roleplaying games.

► Learn from the masters as we explore iconic villains like Sauron, Thanos and Darth Vader or iconic paragons like Gandalf.

► Bonus #1: How to create villains that are appropriate for children.

► Bonus #2: Building archetypes for improvisation and high-speed character depth.


(Includes all future updates)

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+For which system was this course written?

The course is mostly system agnostic but focuses on fantasy roleplaying games. Where relevant stats are provided it's for 5th Edition DnD.

+Which age group is this course appropriate for?

This is a course written for adults. We cover several themes like mental health, death, disease and horror that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

+If I don't like the course, can I get a refund?

Yes! It is very important to me that you like what we create. If you didn't learn anything please do get in touch and we will refund your course.

(The only thing we ask, to avoid abuse, is that you do this before you watched >50% of the content please).