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Course description:
Create html-based random generators that you can use to make encounter tables, new monsters, random villages, names, items, NPCs or really anything that can be described with text. You can use these offline, put them on your phone or tablet and use them at the gaming table whenever you need them.

You can tailor everything exactly to your campaign, no prefabs or other limitations.

Here is an example (D&D Monster):

You are abushed by an Ankshee. A monster that looks like a cross between a praying mantis and a slime-covered spider.
It has a tough hide (AC:11), is very fast (Speed:40) and built like a tank (Huge Monstrosity, HP:69).
Poisonous Bite. Meelee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit. Reach 10ft. 4d8 poison damage.

The course requires no prior skills and we will go through the process slowly and step-by-step. Having a video course rather than just some text is great for this.
I should also say that the whole thing is 100% free, as in costs nothing and won't ever cost anything. You have full functionability, and there are no ugly banner ads or anything like that. So, the good kind of free ;)